Our running and hiking sessions begin with a short warm up walk and end with a cool down on the way back home.  The safety of the dogs is our top priority!  Our team is trained to carefully to watch for discomfort including: dehydration, overheating, and fatigue.  If we see any signs of struggling or tiring, we will adjust the workout.
We also offer fast-paced walks for our dog clients.  This is ideal for puppies and older dogs that may not be up for running or hiking or just haven’t run in a while.  Don’t worry – we never walk more than two dogs at a time so there won’t be any pack walking.
We realize that not all of our furry friends can go running and hiking or maybe even out walking, which is why we offer a customized in-home exercise program.  We are loving pet care companions so this service is perfect for a pet with separation anxiety or a love bug that can’t get enough cuddle and play time.  This is also the service we provide for our cat owners!